Halo 5 API: Profile Viewer

Instead of playing Halo, I've been having fun with 343's public Halo 5 API. There's a remarkable amount of information that you are able to pull from them; I'm quite surprised.

This is my first time doing anything like this so, since I'm already familiar with it, I used R and Shiny to throw together a little dashboard to let you view basic arena statistics. I might add more functionality but probably nothing serious unless it gets crazy popular for some reason. More importantly, to go along with the Shiny app, I'm working on a nice R package to allow others easy access to 343's generous amount of game data. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it up with a couple weeks and get it uploaded to CRAN or github at the very least.

I was really hoping I could do a heatmap of where most deaths occur in each level. Kind of like was Bungie did for Halo 2. Unfortunately I didn't see any of that data available through the API but maybe in the future.

Check out the Shiny app and code to come!

R package to access the API is now up on my github!